RAPHAEL ♠ I probably should have stayed inside my house

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RAPHAEL ♠ I probably should have stayed inside my house
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Raphael Santiago
Damned Soul
♦ Age : 18
♦ Date de naissance : 25/08/1999
♦ Autres comptes : Chris & Isaac & Florian & Justin & Santana
♦ Runes : 6069
♦ Messages : 1581
♦ Date d'inscription : 03/11/2016
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I met a certain warlock Who cared enough about a lost vampire to help him regain his faith.

No doubt; I'm addicted to you.

I can't help falling in love with you ♦️ J'voudrais lui donner tout ce que j'ai, mais tout ce que j'ai, c'est lui.
You love like you’re setting yourself on fire ; no hesitance, no patience. Just a tongue of flame and you’re up like Tinder, Icarus reaching too high and too far. And he’s always been Apollo ; the chariot of the sun, the source of all art and light and beauty healing in his hands. You love like you’re setting yourself on fire but you aren’t fireproof, you’ve never been, although you pretend like the flames don’t hurt you, like you can’t feel the heat scoring your skin. You pretend. You pretend. You pretend. Because it’s better than freezing cold. You love like you’re setting yourself on fire because he’s always been Apollo. But even Apollo’s light falters, even he stumbles. And you’ll burn yourself to cinders just to keep him warm, just to keep him safe, just to keep him. You love like you’re setting yourself on fire and you hope, in the end, he keeps your ashes close.

My blood ♥️

Us vampires look after one another. We take care of our family.

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(#) Sujet: RAPHAEL ♠ I probably should have stayed inside my house ♦ Ven 4 Nov - 12:39

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Ils disent que, pour tenir un couple, faut l'entretenir tous les jours, mais ces connards n'y connaissent rien en amour. Comme si j'devais faire un effort pour t'écouter, comme si j'avais déjà douté. J'aimerais tes défauts si jamais j'arrive à en trouver.
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RAPHAEL ♠ I probably should have stayed inside my house
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